Chokaiji Temple: Shining Gold in Autumn Leaves.

By Nami

I cannot help thinking about maple leaves in Autumn, just like cherry blossoms in Spring. Have the leaves turned red, or have they already fallen?

Every step has different colours.

Red maple leaves are popular everywhere in Japan, but Kaichoji Temple is famous for its Ohatsuki Gingko leaves. Ohatsuki Gingko is a Gingko variant which bears its fruit right on its leaves.

The longer the steps, the higher my expectations become!

Finally at the top, and I am overwhelmed by the gold colour all around. It is breathtaking!

The tree is 4m in diameter and 30m high. The temple bell has relief carvings of the twelve divine generals of Buddhist deities. These are unique and the only such bell relief carvings that exist now in Japan.

Red and yellow leaves merge with the blue Autumn sky. What a luxurious time!

The view of Yamatofuji mountain in full autumn array on the way home is a bonus!

Kaichoji Temple access: Bus from Haibara Station (Kintetsu line) to Tenmadai Higashi 3 Chome; then 30 minutes walk from final stop. 10 minutes taxi ride from station. Car parking available.

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